The literacy framework for listening.

Year 7

  • respond thoughtfully to others’ ideas, asking pertinent questions
  • listen to explanations of processes, sequences or points of view and identify the main points in order

Year 8

  • respond positively and thoughtfully to new ideas and alternative points of view
  • listen to information and ideas (on-screen or live) and identify how evidence is used, e.g. to defend a point of view, or misused, e.g. to mislead by exaggeration

Year 9

  • consider the relevance and significance of information and ideas presented to them
  • listen to information and ideas and identify how they are presented to promote a particular view point, e.g. use of persuasive language, ignoring inconvenient facts, reaching illogical conclusions


They listen carefully to both individual speakers and group discussions, keeping track of ideas and arguments and trying to understand others’ points of view. Their sensitivity in listening is shown in following others’ ideas, testing them out through application in different contexts, analysing conclusions and criticising constructively. In group work they are alert to what will enable the group to progress and adapt their contributions accordingly, including organising activities, drawing others in and negotiating to reach conclusions.

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