Many parents say spelling is an area their children struggle with.  At Y Pant we mark children’s work for accuracy (which includes spelling) using this marking shorthand.  If a child makes several spelling mistakes we do not mark or correct all of them –  we pick 3 or 5 and mark those.  Children can get disillusioned if they see a mass of corrections on their work and we mark for all aspects of the writing, not just spelling.  In addition, we generally do not correct the spelling but give the child time to find the correction themselves.

Resources for Spelling

  • Spelling it Right – Learn How to Spell Confidently – This website contains some really useful resources for parents and carers to help with their child’s spelling including some games.
  • The TopMarks website has a good summary of lots of different spelling websites.
  • Children often complain about having to do extra school work at home – so play some games instead!  These are all fun ways to spend time as a family and improve spelling skills.  Work in teams if your child isn’t confident!
    • Scrabble
    • Hangman
    • Boggle

A list of words used in year 7 spelling tests can be found here.

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