National Reading and Numeracy Tests

Each year, pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 are required to sit the Welsh Government’s national reading and numeracy tests in April/May.  Pupils will work though sample materials during their English and Maths lessons before the tests.  The Welsh Government do not issue copies of past papers to schools or parents and there is no need for pupils to do extensive practice before the tests.


Information for Parents/Carers

The Welsh Government has provided guidance for parents and carers about the tests.  This is available in the following languages:


Sample Materials

Sample materials can be downloaded here if you would like to see the sorts of questions that are asked.


Sample Reading Questions (learner version)

Sample Reading Questions (annotated teacher version)


Numerical Procedures

Year 7, Procedural Sample Materials

Year 8, Procedural Sample Materials

Year 9, Procedural Sample Materials

Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning test involves a presentation being delivered to the pupils first to put the questions in context.

Year 7, Reasoning Sample Materials

Year 7, Sample Reasoning PowerPoint, A Trip to Tallylyn

Year 8, Reasoning Sample Materials

Year 8, Sample Reasoning PowerPoint, Escalators

Year 9, Sample Reasoning PowerPoint, Blood

Year 9, Reasoning Sample Materials

4 Responses to National Reading and Numeracy Tests

  1. Julie Lewis says:

    Jack had numeracy and literacy tests before the christmas holidays. We haven’t received the results of those tests. Have they been sent home? If so, please could I have a copy, as we didn’t receive the original.

    Thank you

    • Miss L. Bunce says:

      The tests sat before Christmas are being used by class teachers to assess skills gaps in the reading and numeracy skills of their classes.

  2. Helen Silverstone says:

    I cannot find any sample questions of year year 2 literacy questions IN WELSH. surely this is wrong in Wales. where are they please?

    • Miss L. Bunce says:

      The Welsh Government produce reading tests in English and Welsh. As we are a secondary school that teaches through the medium of English, children here will sit the tests for years 7, 8 and 9 in English.

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