Practising Measuring Skills at Home

Try these ideas for getting children to practise their measuring skills.  Towards the bottom of the page are some ideas to try with younger children.  Teenagers might enjoy helping out with this too – which is an excellent way for them to practise their skills without realising it!

Helping out with DIY

Get your kids to hold the tape measure – but make sure they are the one doing the measuring. Ask them to decide which units to use.

When you’re going round Ikea, give them the paper measuring tape (and pick up a few to have at home too).  Give them the responsibility of checking whether new furniture will fit in their room.

Planning Journeys

Google Maps has an excellent feature where it allows you to measure distances (right-click on the map to activate it).  Ask children to measure the distances between friends’ houses – or to a holiday location.  This is good for estimating skills as well.

It's 766m from the station to Y Pant.

It’s 766m from the station to Y Pant.


Children do learn cooking for Home Economics and Food Technology at school but time is tight and we can’t always spend time helping them to measure their ingredients.  This is something that should be done at home.  Even if you don’t want to cook the entire meal with your child, they’ll probably enjoy weighing the ingredients, or measuring the cake tins to find the right one.

Ideas for Smaller Children

  1. Weigh coins – do they go up in weight with value?
  2. Measure toys.
  3. Race cars and measure how far they travel.
  4. Give small children measuring tapes and just let them play.
  5. Measure your children and mark it on the wall with the dates – it’s fun to see how siblings measure up at the same age.