Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is effectively problem solving using numeracy skills.  Here are some ideas you can try at home:

  • Go shopping with your child to buy two or three items.  Ask them to work out the total amount spent and how much change you will get.
  • Buy some items with a percentage extra free. Help your child calculate how much of the product is free.
  • Plan an outing during the holidays.  Ask your child to think about the time you will need to set off and how much money you will need to take.
  • Use a TV guide. Ask your child to work out the length of their favourite programmes.  Can they calculate how long they spend watching TV each day/week?
  • Use a bus or train timetable.  Ask your child to work out how long a journey between two places should take.  Go on the journey.  Doe you arrive earlier or later than expected?  By how much?
  • Help your child to scale a recipe up or down to feed the right amount of people.
  • Work together to plan a party or meal on a budget.


Lots of great games involve numeracy.

  • Monopoly – the old-style with the paper money.  Even quite young children can be the banker with help.
  • Scrabble – make everyone count up their scores and then give your child the job of calculating who has won.

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